Craft Stone

Craft Stone Vintage Ledgestone “Alpine”

In one of Ballarat’s premier new estates, Vintage Ledgestone “Alpine” (CSI-021) at the front of this home gives a bold statement, whilst keeping with the modern design of the home. The Vintage Ledgestone has been laid over a wood frame covered with cement sheet blueboard. This stone was chosen by the owners as a cheaper alternative to natural stone.

white stacked stone

Stacked Ledgestone Fireplace

This cosy fireplace is fitted over brickwork with Craft Stone Stacked Ledgestone “Merlot” (CSI-066). The Stacked Ledgestone is individual pieces of stone, randomly fitted together to achieve natural look of stone. The mortar used is a standard grey with 12mm joints. This fireplace was an inexpensive way to make an excellent feature of the room, and give a practical area to mount the LCD TV on. The firebox is a fully functional gas log fire that heats the room wonderfully.

Stone Fireplace LCD TV

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Random Blue Stone Portico Ballarat

Random Bluestone Wall Cladding

Designed and built by Ryan & McDonald Homes in Ballarat, this beautiful family home has a stunning feature portico. The portico is fitted with Craft Stone Quarry Stone “Matador” (CSI-083). The mortar colour is a dark grey colour, that is only a slight shade different to the stone itself. The stone was fitted with a standard 12mm mortar joint, and has been sealed to bring out the charcoal colours.

Random Bluestone Wall Cladding

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Cranbourne Child Care Centre

Quarry Stone - Random Stone Cladding

State of the art child care centre in Cranbourne. Stone used it Craft Stone Quarry Stone “Merlot” (CSI-083).

Quarry Stone - Random Stone Cladding

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Stone Feature Entrance in Woodend

Stonemason Melbourne

This Layton Homes built project in the small country community of Woodend makes a real statement. Although it compliments the surrounding environment beautifully, the understated modern design of the home really sets it apart from the surrounding homes in the street. The stone used to create the 4 metre high pillars is Craft Stone Mountain Ledgestone “Cabernet” (CSI-048). A black grout has been used in between the stone to highlight each individual piece of the mountain stone. The “Cabernet” colour has a beautiful mix of reds, light and dark brown shades, and dark greys.

Mountain Ledgestone "Cabernet"

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Daylesford Bush Retreat

Featured is a architectually designed retreat in the foothills of Daylesfor VIC. The low cost structure has been clad in Craft Stone European Castle Stone “Golden Sand” (CSI-054). The  Sandstone Claddding was installed onto fibre cement sheet that was fitted to a timber frame. This light weight construction kept the construction costs to a minimum. The European Castle Stone is “Tight Fitted” with no mortar joints.

Sandstone House

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Kyneton Aged Care Facility

Quarry Stone Merlot

Featured is the Kyneton Aged Care facilty designed and constructed by Croft Developments. The stone used on the feature entrance to the facility is Craft Stone Quarry Stone “Merlot” (CSI-083). The stone was chosen as it compliments the natural landscape surrounding the new facility. The Quarry Stone was fitted using standard 12mm motar joints, with a standard grey cement coloured mortar.

Quarry Stone Merlot

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