Rustic Stone

Sandstone Ledgestone Blade Entry Wall

With such an imposing Structure at the entrance of this home, standing out amongst all the others in the area is an easy feat. It helps to make sure everyone around remembers viewing this home. This stone was chosen to contrast with the darker colour tones of the modern house, which helps to draw the eye to it as soon as it’s in view. The Rustic Stone Sandstone Ledgestone also matches in seamlessly with the natural stone and earth of the area. The stone has been laid over existing brickwork, which gives it a sturdy substructure to bond to.

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Maryborough Amphitheater Complex

Situated in Central Victoria’s golden triangle, Maryborough has just completed a community area for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Only a stone’s throw from the train station, Rustic Stone, Sandstone “Country Blend’ has been used to create the feeling of yesteryear to the Amphitheater complex. Using a blend of 3 types of stone helps to give the impression the complex was constructed from local rock many decades ago. The Amphitheater consists of many sandstone steps, cappings and feature walls. It is available for the public to view and use at any time of the year.

sandstone retaining walls

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Blue Stone Weatherboard Cottage

Located in Ballarat’s main street, it is hard to believe that this was once a weatherboard cottage. After a little bit of work it has been transformed into a majestic old bluestone homestead that fits in perfectly with Ballarat’s gold-rush era architecture. For a fraction of the cost of solid bluestone, Rustic stone ‘Bluestone Pitcher’ is hard to distinguish from the real thing. Cement sheet Blueboard was applied straight over the existing weatherboards, Then the Rustic Stone was installed. The owners have had many people stopping to comment on the stone and to ask if it is real bluestone, as the colours and shapes are hard to distinguish from natural bluestone.

Bluestone homestead

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Rustic Stone Country Cottage

Rustic Stone Random Blend

Featured is a country cottage with a modern twist. The stone used is Rustic Stone Random Stone. The wall has been fitted using standard 12mm mortar joints.

Rustic Stone Random Blend

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