Stone Fireplace Melbourne; Enhance with Stone Veneer

Are you looking for resources for your stone fireplace. The fireplace is a house’s instant focal point; the most significant fixture where you and your guest’s eyes instantaneously land on at first glance, making it a versatile plan piece that could spell either delight or doom. It is for this reason that every interior designer’s tough work is to find a material for the fireplace which could serve as good reference point for other complimentary fixtures. If you think this work is straightforword, think again. It can be a very hard job for designers to decide on what material to use, for the material chosen will be studded all throughout the house to create a design statement that’s seamless and aesthetically cohesive.

If you live in Melbourne and you’re looking for the perfect material to use for your fireplace, select  stone cladding. You’re bound to have a stone fireplace that screams grace and splendour with the diversity of artificial stone cladding alternatives you can select from. Stone veneer perfectly immitates the look and feel of natural stone, capturing every minute detail down to the grooves, ridges, and bumps. Each stone block is molded from a plethora of sundry molds, producing the look and feel of authentic, natural stone blocks that are completely void of the linear, rhythmic look that artificial stone blocks are known to produce.

Why choose stone cladding over genuine stone, then? Artificial stone made from light concrete brings a diversity of advantages that real stone could never bring. Fake stone is incredibly flexible, allowing you to select your own assortment from a diversity of different options depending on your preference on texture and color. The concrete used in stone cladding is incredibly light, completely eliminating the need for wall ties or additional footings. Build your stone fireplace  with half the cost it would usually cost you with authentic stone. Stone cladding is the perfect choice for beauty and sophistication. Look at the photo galleries and project photos on this website for an array of stone fireplaces in Melbourne, it’s a great way to inspire your next project.